When we as a family decided to make a new start in England, I realized a life-long dream could be fulfilled: ride a bike across Africa. I had an old TX500 (about 20 moving parts, built like a tractor and indestructible) as well as two 1971 BMW 50/5s but decided on the XT500. Wise choice!
Gareth was 17 and a keen and capable off-road rider; it suddenly struck me one day that he could come with me, I could do this with my son.
I asked him and he was his typical nonchalant self: Yeah, I'd like that.
I then told my wife that I would like to take her darling 17-year-old son on motorbikes (which she hates with a passion) across Africa. I will always be grateful to her for her immediate response: Go for it. Just be careful.
The trip was on! You can read my diary of the trip here and I've got a few photographs as well.