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Two years after our walk to Lourenco Marques, Dad, Neville and I embarked on our second trip, this time by bicycle from Durban to Beira, also in Mocambique. This time it was 1200 miles, again sleeping wherever we could find a secluded spot and often under the stars.

The highlight of this trip was the section between the Savi and Busi Rivers in Mocambique, through the wild and undeveloped Gorongoso Game Reserve, with very soft tracks and tsetse flies biting the hell out of us. At night, we shared watches with a fire and a shampoo bottle filled with Scrubbs Amonia as our only deterrent against lions. The idea, I think, was to squirt the ammonia in the lions' eyes if they came too close! One morning, soon after setting off, we noticed huge pug-marks of a lion in the soft sand meandering a short way from where we had been sleeping.